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 De Dawson's Creek a Brokeback Mountain

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MessageSujet: De Dawson's Creek a Brokeback Mountain   Lun 24 Juil - 9:26

un article que j'ai trouver, j'aime bcp la comparaison entre hilary swank ( que j'aime bcp ) et Michelle

Last year's best actress winner, Hilary Swank, was a veteran of the teen soap "Beverly Hills, 90210." So it's not hard to imagine that "Dawson's Creek" alum Michelle Williams could be this year's dark-horse champ in the best supporting actress category. In Ang Lee's new film, "Brokeback Mountain," Williams delivers the kind of surprise knockout performance that the Academy loves to award. (This week, she and fiancé Heath Ledger both received Golden Globe nominations for their work in the film.) As Alma, married to Ennis Del Mar (Ledger), Williams discovers her husband is having an affair with another rancher, Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal). For a recent interview with NEWSWEEK's Ramin Setoodeh, Williams arrived with the couple's daughter, Matilda, who was born in October.

NEWSWEEK: Congratulations on the baby.
Michelle Williams: Thank you. She's here. That's why I'm late.

You're in great shape.
I haven't left the house for four weeks. I just breast feed.

Who changes the diapers?
We share the duty.

You and Heath own a place in Brooklyn. Couldn't you afford Manhattan?
I used to think I'm the last person who'd live there. But I went out to Brooklyn, and I was lured by the space and the sky and the fact that I could have a garden.

I think "Brokeback Mountain" might win the Oscar.

Don't you?
I don't know.

Are you at least planning on attending?
Don't you need an invitation?

I think it might arrive in the mail after you and Heath are nominated.
You're a very nice man. That's a great thing to be interjected in a day full of diapers and spit ups and sleeplessness.

But I'm not being that nice. Haven't you seen the movie?
I can't watch myself. I used to think I was cool. Now, my standpoint is that I can't be fair. So I can't pass any judgment

This is being called Hollywood’s first epic gay love story. Are you surprised there hasn’t been one sooner?
Things are slow to change. But it's meant to be at this time, if you look at the picture in a more spiritual sense.

Most of the nation still opposes gay marriage.
I know. That's weird.

Do you think a movie could change anyone’s minds on the subject?
Only if they're willing. How do you get those people in to see the movie in the first place? I understand that, too—stubbornness, conviction. I just disagree.

Jake Gyllenhaal says you're the best performance in the movie. How do you prepare for a scene like the one where your character discovers her husband is in love with another man?
I prayed. I tried to be beyond open. What word means beyond open? I tried to be soft and penetrable. I tried to be like water. I remember treading really lightly before that scene—not to hurt the air too much.

Do you still talk to your pals from "Dawson's Creek"?
Gosh. Your editor wanted you to ask this, didn't he?

You know where this question is headed.
I have an idea.

So how is Katie Holmes?
This question is starting to make me feel cheap. I'm turning into a party trick. Everywhere I go—I lie down to get a massage and they're like, "I have to ask you." It's certainly not their business.

There are now naked photos of Heath on the Internet that the paparazzi shot while he was filming a skinny-dipping scene for “Brokeback Mountain.”
Those bastards. I know how hurt he was by it—for a lot of reasons. You feel let down by the people who are supposed to be protecting you and who are creating a safe working environment. You're aghast that there are people out there who could profit on such a private moment. The thing that's a shame about it is that I remember him coming back from that day at work. He was feeling exuberant—and enlivened. Then, to have that taken away from him. All of a sudden it was this public moment. That's just such a shame. That's such a bummer.

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MessageSujet: Re: De Dawson's Creek a Brokeback Mountain   Lun 24 Juil - 12:18

en 1 mot ?


Mieux vaut la souffrance de la paix que l'agonie d'une guerre.
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De Dawson's Creek a Brokeback Mountain
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